Google Condemned For Advertising Disgusting Game That Promotes Rape And Incest

Google Condemned For Advertising Disgusting-Game That Promotes Rape And Incest

Google Condemned For Advertising Disgusting-Game. Thousands of people have called out Google for advertising a perverted game on their app store which “promotes sexual abuse” to children and teenagers.

Google’s app store has advertised the game, called LUV, through other “free-to-play” games downloaded through the app store – despite it allowing the player to navigate twisted sexual encounters.

Angry parents have slammed the app store for advertising the “wildly inappropriate game” which has come under fire for promoting sexual assault and rape.

The game also demonstrates sickening moments of incest – with reviewers calling out the “simulations” which in one case presents a stepbrother sexually assaulting his stepsister.

The boycott comes after Florida-based filmmaker Michael McWhorter took to TikTok to share his disgust on the game which he then posted on Twitter.

His video quickly went viral and gathered more than 700,000 views – which sparked viewers to download the game so they could give it a one-star review, reports Metro.

“Google, how the **** is this game available in your app store?” McWhorter says in the video.

“And then being advertised on other games – a game that my son could easily be playing.

“What do you think this teaches young preteen boys about how women should be valued and treated?”

Following Michael’s video, one user wrote on the game’s Google Play page: “Did not play; only installed to leave a review.

“Absolutely disgusting and despicable. This game and others like it that depict sexual assault as somehow okay need to be removed immediately. I can’t believe this game exists. Sexual assault is never ok, fictional or otherwise.”

The game, which holds a 17+ ‘Mature’ rating on the Google Play Store, appears to be the only app made by Afivad Limited, but an appalling search reveals a number of pornographic simulation games.

Google say they forbid apps that contain pornographic content as it is in breach of Google’s Inappropriate Content policy for the Google Play Store.

“We don’t allow apps or app content that appear to promote a sexual act in exchange for compensation. Content that contains nudity may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic, and is not gratuitous.”

Social media users have demanded that the game is removed from the Google Play store and have called for the adverts which feature them appearing in other games and apps to be banned.


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