Man Takes To Popular Facebook Group To Celebrate His Wife Massively With Plaques & Cash – See Reaction

Man Takes To Popular Facebook Group To Celebrate His Wife Massively According to this guy, he is celebrating the lady for being an adorable and stunning wife. He shared some photos of his wife as he urged other men to also celebrate their wives.

The post he made reads;

“Admin pls approve
So I decided to Appreciate my wife yesterday…since yesterday was national wives appreciation day … husbands let’s try and appreciate our wives”

Man Takes To Popular Facebook Group To Celebrate His Wife Massively

As usual, the post got the attention of social media users and some varied reactions were shared. Here are some of the reactions we gathered;

Joseph Oppong – Well done bro for appreciating your wife. Some of your colleagues are rather appreciating side chics, forgetting the for better for worst thing

Naomi Dowuona – I think my husband should see this but if I tag him kraaa he won’t come online

Frank DreamOcean – For doing so well and appreciating your wife, marry two other women to her.

Dasnia Gyewubea – That’s thoughtful of you……God bless you and your marriage

Shaida Nubi – This is beautiful… Extremely thoughtful. Keep it up. These are the kind of men women honor and submit to… God bless your home.

Miriam J. Osei – I’m glad she’s happy with your gesture. That’s all that matters.
Dear future husband, I would like to be appreciated differently, not cash, not a plaque…surprise me with an experience that requires much effort and planning from u, think deeply about what “I” like and what makes me feel most loved. Don’t do copy, copy because ea woman is different. Know ur wife’s heart desires and that’ll be the best gift.

Susannah Philips – Woow… Men please learn oh.. Kisses

Patience Enyonam Boame – Husband material 1 billion yards. This So thoughtful of you. Future husband may this post locate wherever you are in Jesus name

Salomey Amedi Offei – Wooow this is beautiful.
Keep it up the good work

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